Certified Personal Trainer
Nick Doyle is the owner and head performance coach of Doyle Health and Performance. For over a decade, he’s been training athletes, active professionals, and other individuals seeking superior health and performance. As an author, athlete, and self-proclaimed “physio-nerd” Nick attributes his success to his unique background and fascination with the human organism. He holds B.A.’s in both Kinesiology and Biochemistry, conducted successful research focused on cartilage and the knee, and has been called the “Thinking Man’s Strength Coach.”

After leaving his home state of Iowa to attend CU-Boulder, Nick recognized the city’s need for effective, science-based training services. His understanding of what it’s like to feel amazing-aware, strong, capable-along with his knowledge and desire to help others experience their “best physical selves” fathered Doyle Health and Performance.

I created DHP to help others be physically prepared to lead the fulfilling lives they want to live. Training and being in tune with my own health is what enables me to attack each adventure, revel in every experience, and perform at my best in life. Human performance goals are different for each individual, but we all deserve the means and opportunity to reach those goals. At DHP, that’s what we do-we introduce individuals to their own personal version of high performance-their “best physical selves.”



Our approach is thorough, specific for each client, utilizes years of experience, academic study and research. The 1st session involves an assessment taking into account previous injuries, goals, basic activity profile, and other individual characteristics. We’ll also get to know one another and make sure DHP is the right fit for you. After that initial assessment, we’ll start developing a program specific to your needs.