Certifications: Personal Training Certificate, Certified Powerlifting Coach, Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition + Weight Management, TRX certified, Kabuki Movement Fundamentals
Phone: 303-709-7804
Email: tony.meitin@gmail.com
Instagram: @tonymeitin


Tony is a Strongman athlete competing at the national level with 11 years of combined personal training and sports coaching experience. Working with clients of all ages and abilities, Tony is the coach for clients committed to making lasting changes to their lifestyle. Tony spent 2 years as a competitive powerlifter and competed in the USAPL CO State Championships before turning to Strongman. He has 5 years coaching experience at popular Boulder fitness studios including 1 year as head coach. Tony is obsessed with strength and believes that strength is for everyone and will make you better at everything. His focus is on proficiency in compound exercises that have the most carry over into all exercise and sport. Tony is a proven leader who is ready to help you manage everything from general health and fitness, movement patterns, nutrition and weight loss, and time spent in the gym, whether you want to compete or simply be in the best shape of your life.

A Boulder native, when he’s not in the gym you’ll find Tony playing video games or skateboarding with his rescue dog.