Certifications: ACE Certified
Phone: 303-443-8787
Email: rick@cneboulder.com


American Council On Exercise Certification A lifelong resident of Boulder, Colorado, Rick Jones has been a personal trainer since 1988. Over the past 34 plus years, Rick has studied sports medicine, kinesiology and exercise biomechanics — employing this education in his fitness regimen and in the training programs for athletes. Personal training programs designed and implemented by Rick revolve around five basic principles: cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, wise food consumption, supplement use and sound mind-body connection. As owner/operator of Customized Nutrition & Exercise, Rick trains more than 33-48 clients each week, ranging in age and ability level. He frequently serves as a guest lecturer and presenter for Boulder-based athletic organizations and is producing a fitness/lifestyle program for the CET 5. Rick is currently completing the book, “Quest For A Better Body” which outlines the many facets of healthy, purpose-driven lifestyle.